Friday, May 1, 2015

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Beesly Girl

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pam Beesly the dog!
We just call her Beesly. She's pretty weird and so very cute. We really love her.

Queen of bum floof and the side eye. With a knack for finding small, unidentifiable plastic things to chew on.

I found Beesly girl listed on KSL, and was basically sold after seeing this goofy (blurry) face:

I mean, look at those big clumsy paws. Heart eyes.

She's an eight month old (give or take a few weeks) mini australian shepherd, so she's about 25 pounds and full grown now. She has long silky hair that gets really crimpy (a la Britney) when it's wet and just a huge amount of really cute floof on her bum and her ears.

She's also a really big sissy.

Thus, when we went to meet her in December, she was just scared out of her mind.

The resistance was impressive. She would not budge one bit into the room for at least 5 minutes.

The vet who had her, and some colleagues, actually seemed to be trying to persuade us not to take her because she was too submissive and afraid and neurotic...
So naturally I realized she was my soul sister, and convinced Drew and the vet to let us bring her home as a "foster dog," basically on a trial period where we could see if she would warm up to us, and whether we decided we could keep her or not, she'd at least be in a home for a few weeks instead of living at the vet's. (Spoiler alert: we kept her.)
To be honest, I was ready to legally adopt her as my child from the get-go, but I'm glad we got the chance to try it out.

It's been so fun seeing her come out of her shell and just get weirder and weirder.
When we first brought her home and I was talking to my mom about it, we were worried that she might not be the right dog for us because she may not have had enough of a "sense of the ridiculous."

I'm happy to report that's not at all an issue.
I wish I had better pictures of these moments--it's like she's our live-in stand-up comedian. Minus the word bits, plus a lot of slapstick.
She's really clumsy and just seems to have terrible body-eye coordination (not to mention her habit of plunging her whole face in the bowl every time she goes for a drink of water). I don't think I've ever once seen her actually catch anything. But her methods are great nonetheless; she really loves rolling and flinging her tennis ball up and down the stairs, but when she can't catch it before it bounces all the way down, we see her grab it and bring it back up once, let it get away again, and then there's an audible huff from up the stairs and she gives that ball the cold shoulder for a solid ten minutes.

And when we first brought her home, and attempts to pet her were met with terror and extreme escape plans, we couldn't get her to play with anything until we started letting her out by herself in the yard every now and again, and after a while, when I looked out the window to check on her, I saw her blur past me doing the most intense hops I've ever seen. I'm talking all-legs-off-the-ground-at-the-same-time, straight up in the air kind of hops, at high speed, running into a lot of things.

(Please don't think we're cruel for laughing when she runs into things. Every time, we try to comfort her, and every time, she brushes us off like "please, let's get back to the business of playtime.")

That happens kind of a lot, in fact. I think she just gets so excited running at stuff that I guess she forgets to stop. Always a blur. And always a cuddler.

There's definitely still that stranger-danger instinct going strong, and now that she feels at home here she's started being pretty vocal about her feelings towards strange people approaching the house, but we're working on it. Cheddar cubes are getting us there.

And at least she's definitely gotten used to us, she follows us everywhere (hence, the doorstop I just bought for the bathroom door) and has absolutely no qualms walking right over Drew's face so I think any reservations she had about us are long gone.
Plus, she lets me hold her like a baby.

(P.S. This site's official privacy policy restricts you from judging me for any poor/unflattering photos that may be posted at any time.)

She is such a peach and even though she's a bit of a trickster, she's a keeper.
We sure love this bunny.

2014 in late review

Friday, January 30, 2015

Because it's technically still January and who cares, I'm just going to real quick sum up last year because it was a good one. And I'm going to cheat and use our Christmas card.

(as always, top photo by the great Ben Allred)

2014 was busy and exciting and hard and completely uncharted territory and creative and merging and travel and family.

I keep trying to come up with overall what happened in the year but I'm coming up short because it seems like there were so many different eras within just the last year...
There was the Christmas break era, engagement era, the Light House adjustment era, the frantic wedding planning era, the end-of-semester era, the actual wedding era, the honeymoon in St. Lucia era, the last-visit-to-Colorado and second wedding reception era, the moving into our first place era, the summer at the Truman era, the road trip and Nicaragua era, the moving into the Green House era, the fall semester era, the Georgia Thanksgiving era, the bitter end of fall semester era, the should we keep Beesly era (since we got her as a "foster" dog--spoiler alert, we kept her), and of course the Christmas break era. What does a person even do with that many parts of a year? That's what sums up 2014--living in stages. Not one thing about last year was static or same.
So pretty much the theme was complete upheaval?

And now we're married for forever, totally in love, living in the Green House with our sweet Beesly girl, and school is going surprisingly well for us (so far), my best friends are all back in Utah, the days are getting longer, we're finishing school, and basically 2015 is just killing it so far.
(Don't worry, some days really stink. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.)

There is so much more I want to do to tie up 2014 all nice and tidy, and I have more pictures and memories to share from the tail end of last year, but hold onto those horses because our little blog is getting a new home! Just a little spruce, but it'll be fun.

More soon!

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