Tipitapa, Nicaragua

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our first day in Nicaragua, we had a little visit in Las Mercedes (near the airport) where we got our bearings and I got to meet Helga, who is the greatest. 

The first place we adventured in was Tipitapa, which was Drew's last area in his mission. It kind of has a scary reputation, and I don't think tourists go there much (particularly not redheaded ones) but we went to visit a few people Drew had taught and served while he was there and it was wonderful. We got there by disco bus. (It's hard to tell in the photo, but if you look closely, you can see neon rope lights all over everything up there in the front.)

It's very humble, and I did find it a little intimidating--granted, it was my first experience there, so I was a little shell-shocked, but it was a good one. I also found it somehow very calm--we even got caught in a sudden downpour (seriously, downpour) and people just did not even mind one bit! Just kept on walking, doing their thing. 
I, unfortunately was wearing white shorts, so I had to mind a little and duck under an extended roof... #closeone 

Drew found a kid he knew who took us on a little tour around to the families Drew wanted to visit (addresses were pretty ambiguous, so we needed a guide).
We spent a good chunk time at the Urrutias' home, a family Drew spent a lot of time with while he lived in Tipitapa. They have a bunch of cute kids and a happy parrot named panchito (it means chubby). The cutest.

These kids. For real.

Color coordinating like nobody's business. A+.

And just for bonus, here are a few photos from way back when Drew was a missionary here:

 This was his 21st birthday. Apparently birthday head-egg-cracking is a real tradition.

 He actually got robbed at knife point right next to this bridge.
Which is weird, because it looked so safe...

People use this bridge.
They bike on it. On those beams. This is real.

Next up in the series: Leon!

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