León, Nicaragua

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Leon was nuts!
I mean when we got out at the bus depot, at least 6 different transporters (taxi drivers, bike taxis, etc.) were clamoring around us because hello, we're white and have like 3 bags so clearly we are prime suspects for a classic over-charge. ;)
We took a bike taxi for an up-close and personal look at the city...

Plus it had the cutest lining.

Leon was colorful, energetic, and had some really neat history and architecture.
The place we stayed was owned by a sweet French couple who moved there to get away from the stress of European life--personally, the noise and bustling of Central America was a little extra-stressful for me, but I could see where they're coming from--this city is just full of old charm and a kind of energy that's less busy-busy and deadlines and more bustle-bustle and general hubbub.

First of all, you guys, the details here.
That amazing ceiling/chandelier combo is in the central office for La Isla Foundation (click for more info), where we went to look into doing some research on a really serious kidney disease that's prevalent there. Drew's been working crazy hard on getting his project off the ground--there'll hopefully be more updates on that soon, if all continues to go well!

Every day it's bustlin'.

If my mom thinks scooters are dangerous in Provo...

One of the several amazing cathedrals in town.
This one's currently being restored, it seems:

You can see the progress a little better in these pictures of the back--the difference is incredible!
We'll have to go back to see it when it's completed...

Some really cool buildings 'round these parts.

The other main cathedral ( I think).


And some oldie-goodies from Drew's missionary days in León:

Just mowing a lawn à la machete.

Next up in the series: Chinandega/Chichigalpa!

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