Yurts & Nerts

Sunday, October 12, 2014

This weekend we got to party with two of my siblings & co. at East Canyon State Park in Morgan, UT, which is now on the official Katie list of loveliest places.
My siblings do fun adventurous things with their fun adventurous kids and they let us tag along anyway even though we're noobs.
We stayed in yurts by the lake (reservoir?) that were stove-heated and had a skylight dome in the top--just so dreamy.
The views from the drive were killer, and did I mention it was so pretty up there in the canyon? Fall is my favorite and it was just wowing this weekend so I was a happy camper (pun intended).
The colors were two thumbs up. I couldn't even believe how pretty and golden all of the mountains were.
And my family is the funnest. Win-win!

Sorry/not sorry for the photo overload. It's too pretty not to share all of it. Plus, this way, we cut out the part where I pretend I can be decisive. Better for everyone.

I officially know where I want to live when we grow up.

Then there was some Nerts in a yurt (a primary reason for the trip in the first place) and some nighttime walks with the bright full moon and some sleeping by the fire in the yurt. Ever so cozy.

Then in the morning,  we went for a little hike and some canoeing. I even went in the canoe.


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