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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Because it's taken me so long to get through the pictures from Nicaragua and come to terms with the fact that our summer adventures are over, rather than dumping it all now, I'm going to do little installments of our Nicaragua trip in a series of throwbacks (because yeah, it's been that long now).
They're going to be relatively short installments instead of one massive photo dump (compared to my normal long-windedness) because for one thing, we just didn't take that many pictures because we were nervous about having the camera out too much (in Masaya we had police tell us to put it away) and for another, each place was a new experience and deserves its own story!

We begin with the road trip.
(told in instagrams...)

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We bought our tickets to fly out from Atlanta (where Drew's parents live now) to Managua, so we started the trip trying to drive Drew's mini from Utah to Atlanta to sell it to Drew's parents and play for a couple of days.
Turns out we were right to try to get rid of it because somewhere in the middle of Eastern Colorado, it gave up the ghost.

We wound up being stranded on Sunday, when nothing was open and not many people were around to help. We spent at least 4 hours on the phone with literally any shop even remotely car-related within 300 miles, as well as the insurance company and various tow companies, and in the end we decided our best bet was to have a very loving family member buy a part we needed in Denver and drive it out to us the next day.

Luckily Burlington was pretty alright place to be stuck, what with there being a Safeway, the magical skies, and the charming drive-through liquor store that is somehow legal and functioning.
So we went on a little walk and admired how not urban it was and camped there overnight--it was nice to have a little time in a quiet spot before we headed off to the world's noisiest sub-continent...

I know this kind of scene is maybe sort of boring, but I have a deep love for places where the grass touches the sky and you can't see anything else in between. It reminds me of that default background that used to be on Windows XP when it first came out... (#memories)

So I like clouds a lot.

So on Monday Drew's aunt Gail, to whom we now owe our firstborn, brought the part to the dealership, who then determined it wasn't the right size. So they tried a few more sizes, tested it, gave it the go-ahead, and then we got in and it was not going anywhere.
Like nowhere. That motor did not budge. They even tried to push-start it by pushing it in laps around the parking lot with a forklift with tires on the front and it was just not having it.

SO. Drastic times and all. Luckily Gail was patient enough to wait around with us, so when we got this verdict we ditched the mini*, got in her car, and hitched a ride back with her to the Denver airport and to catch our last-minute, miraculously cheap flight to Atlanta so we wouldn't miss the flight to Nicaragua!

Feeding the mini our money.

We were bummed to say goodbye to the mini, but its time had come and we had bigger fish to fry in Nicaragua.

So, after this very boring beginning to a very short saga:

Next up in the series: Tipitapa/Managua: our first day in Nicaragua!

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