Our Green House

Friday, October 24, 2014

For the last few month's we've been trying to get our house in order, and I realized it's probably not going to be "done" ever, because I am apparently just taking my sweet time deciding what to do with our house, but we've got to start somewhere, yeah?

We call it the Green House, by the way, because it's green.
But we like that it sounds like we live in a greenhouse. Like we're growing. Or maturing or something (we're not).

So welcome to our home! Most of the projects we've been working on are just real lame things like putting together an IKEA dresser, picking rugs on KSL, rearranging our room a bunch of times, etc. So our house isn't really "decorated"--we haven't really put things up on the walls or painted things, but we're trying to take our time and be deliberate about what we do with where we live. So we see this as our rounded-out base of our house. We have big ideas, but we're happy with where it is now and feel at home here, which is the whole point anyway.

Behold la casa Holman!

P.S. most of the pictures are fairly fuzzy because I think I changed some settings on the camera a few weeks ago for some night photos that I now can't for the life of me figure out how to switch back... oops. I'll try to replace these pictures if I can figure out how to get better ones.

So we live in the back half of this house turned duplex. It's the perfect size for us and gets just enough light.

Drew's cousin/aunt own this adorable house--we are so lucky they were willing to hold it and let us live here. We never ever want to move ever.

p.s. Has everyone been noticing how blue the sky is today? Not a cloud in the sky, but on top of that, it's the most wonderful shade of sky blue (Captain Obvious over here).
But like exactly azure. I've been mesmerized all day.


And don't mind the wonky blinds. I'm not strong enough to pull the cord so that they scrunch up straight.
Whatever they're made of, they're really heavy, people. (Curtains are in the works.)

I'm trying to slowly add more white to the bookshelves, but so far DI has been kind to us in the interesting-old-books department.

Plans for the living room:
  • Make a faux cowhide for in front of the couch. 
    • We love the rug we have, but the details on the site we ordered from failed to mention that it pretty much can't get wet or be cleaned. So. We're gonna need to layer that bad boy. 
  • Make coffee tables. 
    • We rounded up some medium-sized stumps and we'd like to turn two of them into small tables to put in front of the sofa. (see here for what we're picturing for that crazy idea)
  • Make some sort of gallery wall over the TV. 
    • Perhaps a gallery wall is a little cliche but it's a bizarre triangle-shaped wall and nothing else really fits there. Plus I have a secret love for gallery walls.
  • Cram that bookshelf full of white. 
    • Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Make something huge to go over the sofa. 
    • It's a giant blank wall, but I want to keep it pretty simple because of the bookshelf right next to that space. We're thinking a giant canvas, maybe making a watercolor together. Or finger painting..?
  • Swap out the light fixture (eventually).
    • Lighting is a pretty big deal for me, so while the existing fixture isn't bad, I'd love to find/make something that hangs a little lower and casts more light down around the room so it's less sad in the dark.
  • Hang white curtains
    • These blinds are too heavy (literally and visually) so IKEA's coming to the rescue on this one.
  • Swap out the base on that gray chair. 
    • I think the existing base is original and is actually somewhat period-appropriate, but it squeaks like crazy and looks a little awkward to us, so we'd love to figure out how to make a base along these lines (though this design is getting a little cliche as well these days. Ah, society.) 


I love that both this house and our old apartment at the Truman have a tall bank of original (looking) cabinets next to the white ones.

*note the STILL ALIVE cacti ;)

  • Hang the print that's resting on the table, plus maybe a shelf underneath.
  • Figure out a way to make it generally less empty? 
    • I am not a fan of cluttered counter space but completely empty counters here are looking weird to me, too. So...Catch 22. 
    • (Please, someone get this reference.)
  • Make a little curtain for the kitchen window.
    • Like a little half-one? That pulls up on the sides. Like this. I love how it looks with the checkered floors, but ours are less white, so I'm not sure this design would look as cool in our house.
    • Also that pin makes me want to paint the kitchen white so bad. I love white walls, you guys. I love them so much. 
  • Replace the faucet.
    • This faucet is the worst. It has one of those extensions that I just know is slowly poisoning us with all the germs it's collected... 
    • But more importantly, the sprayer is on the fritz and only turns off about half the time, so sometimes when I go to turn on the faucet the sprayer sprays me and the whole kitchen like it can just do whatever it wants. It must be taught a lesson.
  • Seal the floors. 
    • I tried to use a floor-polish type thing on the linoleum but that was also the worst. So I want to strip the gunk off and re-try with a polyurethane or something.


Drew built those cute shelves right there. The cabinet for laundry supplies is WAY up high above the stacked washer/dryer, so it was only a matter of time until I dumped out all the bleach trying to get it down or something so Drew took action.

The mudroom area was built onto the house at some point, so the interior wall is painted white brick, which is my favorite thing, and the windows out there just slay me. They go all the way around.
Right now the poor room is sort of a landing ground for all of the stuff we need to store, but we've been slowly rehoming all the stuff and soon I'll have it empty and clean.

  • Make a bench cushion.
    • The spot you can sort of see above with the tupperware conatiners on it would make a perfect little entry bench, especially since we usually come in through this door because it goes out to the carport. 
  • Build/put up a shoe shelf
    • I just like shoe shelves. They're so organized.
  • Wipe the whole thing down 3 times.
    • Spiderwebs like you would not believe, you guys. I'm surprised I haven't been wrapped up in one and eaten yet.
  • Plant stuff. 
    • I would love to put a line of plants along that shelf where you see the little red planter that the last people left behind. Except not in that planter because spiderwebs.
  • Planning to give that little step stool a little facelift like this one.
Maybe I'll just move myself out there....
Windows just get me.


  • Doorknob.
    • I feel like bathroom doors should close.
  • Install a new light on the ceiling and above mirror.
    • Right now it's just basically a bare bulb on the ceiling and there are no windows so the light situation in here is pretty sad. 
  • Seal the floors like in the kitchen.
  • Hang art on the walls. 
    • I have a little print next to the mirror, which I love, and I want to add some more prints on the left wall. I'd like to get/make a big one to rest on the ledge above the towel rack, and maybe arrange a few small prints on the wall across from the mirror.
  • Drawer pulls
    • I didn't get a picture, but the cabinets under the sink are a light blue color, similar to the door, so I'm going with a juuuust slightly nautical theme for the room--you know, black, white, & blue. So I'd love to find some decently-priced black and white knobs for the drawers, but the search goes on.
  • Get new eucalyptus.
    • See that sad, wilty jar of seeded eucalyptus? It looks really dejected, but it smells amazing when the shower steam gets to it, so I've left it there. But it probably needs to replaced. 


Our bedroom is upstairs, it's sort of loft-style: the stairs curve around so it's separate but there's no door. These pictures turned out especially grainy and it's the least "finished" part of the house because there are zero things on the walls and we haven't build our nightstand yet and the dresser is still 100% unfinished but it feels sort of dreamy all empty like that, so it gets a stamp of approval for now.

Also Drew's piano lives here for now.

I promise I did not insta-filter this picture.

  • Finish dresser.
    • Thinking of painting it white (anyone surprised?) or else part white and part stained, and then I want to figure out a way to update the legs. From what I've seen, it's not too hard if you take off the existing base and use a piece of plywood to support the bottom/screw new legs into. I'll also want to get some cute drawer pulls for this baby, but I'm waiting for the perfect ones to jump out at me. 
    • My catalog of ideas for the dresser is here.
  • Maybe add a small rug in front of the dresser and/or on top of the jute one next to the bed.
    • Thinking maybe a faux sheepskin rug. They're cozy and crazy cheap from IKEA.
  • Make a nightstand.
    • We're planning to use one of the stumps (for the coffee table project) to make a small nightstand. 
  • Do something cool to the wall above our bed.
    • I really love the idea of painting a small pattern on that wall (in love with this pattern, but would do it in reverse--white on gray, instead of gray on white), since we have more of that paint color and it would be easy to paint over when we leave. I'd also like to hang something stately there... maybe our faux white deerhead from our last place, or a big art print.
  • Do something cool with the wall in between the bed and the dresser.
    • It's just begging for attention, right? With the stump table there, I like the idea of hanging a pendant light over it (just with a hook in the ceiling, wouldn't try to hardwire it) to add a little bit of interest to that wall.
    • I also like the idea of a large print on this wall--I know that's a lot of "big" things, but I think if the color scheme is pretty toned-down, we can find things that make a statement without it feeling too busy.
  • Vignette for the dresser.
    • I'm thinking a simple, large mirror from KSL plus one of those botanical prints and one of the bowls from the desk, to keep it simple.
  • Swap out light fixture.
    • Like the living room, the existing fixture isn't bad (and having a fan is nice), but lighting is pretty big for me so I'd love something that casts a cozier light. (Geometric pendant, anyone?)
  • Put a bench/small benches at the end of the bed.
    • I'd love to find a natural, unassuming bench (like this) for the end of the bed, or else I've been entertaining ideas of recovering 2 cheap camp stools with a leather sling top. (Something in between this and this.)
  • Make some pillows for the bed that are less plain white.
    • I love this (navy blue on white), this, and this (but with different text and a square shape).
  • Find a new stand/home for the piano.
    • Drew is awesome on the piano, and I love hearing him play, so the piano is not going anywhere ever, but this is kind of a weird spot for it. Genius ideas you may have are welcome. 
    • Toying with this idea... thoughts? Worth/not worth the effort?
  • Make or upholster a bed, or at least a headboard.
    • Drew's parents gave us a really cute headboard (you can kind of see it in the mudroom above), but when we moved our bed to the side of the room to make the room feel bigger, it didn't fit. There's only exactly enough room for the metal bed frame we have, or maybe an IKEA one, so we'd either like to build a headboard of some sort, cover the box spring, or try to upholster a really inexpensive IKEA bed à la this tutorial
  • Hang more white curtains
    • They'll be the same as the living room, but maybe with a little something extra? I really like this idea right now--maybe in a lighter color though.

I know it's a hefty list(s) but we like to dream, and being homebodies means our home environment is a big deal to us, so we want it to feel like our favorite place in the world. 
Most of these things will be very slow going and there are some we won't ever get around to, but it's a blast to plan and imagine.
Plus, we're planning on tackling the majority of these projects by making things ourselves or scouring DI & KSL for good finds, because we like to try to be thrifty. 

Since I change my mind a lot, I keep track of my favorite ideas on pinterest--the relevant boards I use are below. 

Follow Katie Holman's board Green House on Pinterest. Follow Katie Holman's board DIY on Pinterest.
Follow Katie Holman's board coffee table on Pinterest. Follow Katie Holman's board tarva on Pinterest.

I'd love to hear thoughts & opinions/and or miraculous solutions to any of the above plans in the comments. ;)

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