Tuesday, October 7, 2014


After a nice little hiatus I realized if I don't catch up I'll probably end up forgetting everything that's happened in the last two months and that's just not a memory loss issue I'm prepared to deal with.

So here is a speedy recap of the last two months of our life:

1) Went to Nicaragua, with a stopover in Georgia. And Eastern Colorado, but that was an accident.
Nicaragua was the cool part, anyway. More on that soon.
Behold, the Volcan Masaya.

2) We got to spend a few days in Puerto Cabezas, the indigenous region where Drew spent the majority of his mission. That was my favorite place.

3) Tried to squeeze every last ounce of summer fun out of August. We only got to use our passes for Seven Peaks like three times, but we have pretty high hopes for the 4D theater at Trafalga (sarcasm font).

4) Drew played TWO shows. In a band. Of the rock/folk variety. One of them was in a really cool garage, and one of them was at the BYUstore for their little rebranding party.

My husband the rockstar.

5) I got to have a sleepover with Pippen. He's Drew's cousins' dog and he's one of my favorite people. He has really soft, floppy ears and the fattest tummy and he's at just the right level of spaz. He even posed ever so regally just for this photoshoot I forced him into.
Someday, people, I will be the craziest of dog ladies and I just can't wait.

6) The big one: moved into our new (reeeeeallly old) place. I love it so much. There's still a lot to do but all the projects from here on out are the fun ones. (Stripping and waxing the kitchen floor using just way too much ammonium = un-fun project.)
The couch has been my favorite change, though.
As you may have seen in our last home, we for some reason picked black leather sofas (which are great, but 100% the opposite of the all-white thing I can't pull myself away from). So when we moved, we got this huge long beige couch, which was both too huge and too beige.
So, after my series of trysts with all the wrong couches, we got an IKEA one off of KSL that had a terrible orange slipcover on it, and all we had to do was rent a truck and wait 5 hours in Sandy while the seller forgot we were picking it up and eventually have a wonderful cousin pick it up for us and then get a new slipcover and take the whole thing apart and get new legs for it (which are still on their way).
So simple, no? But still cheaper than an IKEA couch, so we'll go ahead and call it a success. We even made money on the couches we sold on KSL. (Shhh. Don't tell.)
Anyway, here's the couch series in a nutshell:

Much better, no?

In other news, we started school. (And I'm spitefully considering finishing it... right. now.)
Drew's classes are a little on the insane side (the teachers even more so). Chemistry people, right?!
Mine aren't so bad. I'm in both of the required Psych research methods classes right now, which is a bummer, because they're sort of boring, but I get to conduct little studies so that's been pretty fun. Actually, the classes I was dreading have been the most fun, and the one I thought would be so wonderful is kind of a drag. Ah, irony.
I'm just soaking up being at BYU because Provo is slowly creeping up the "favorite places" list and I might even be getting attached. I mean, these mountains alone.
World class.

So, I'll get my act together and chronicle the Nicaragua trip sometime soon. It was so good.
Stay tuned for more projects, too. There are going to be lots. 

p.s. I hope this makes you think of Blitzkrieg Bop and consequently Jimmy Neutron too because I can't get it out of my head now. 


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