under the sea

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The other day we took a tiny vacation on an undersea adventure.
But to the aquarium, because in real life I'm pretty afraid of the ocean.

We started in the South American exhibit, because Drew.
It was so humid.

I love how the surface of the water always looks so mystical from underneath. Slick, and yet sparkly and bubbly.  It's mesmerizing.
Just making friends with the electric eel NBD
SO EXCITED to go to Nicaragua where this exists.
You can tell.
Jungle explorer.

(I didn't.)
Cute penguins, creepy water. But look at that guy go.
Guys, the otters.
The aquarium is kind enough to provide a little window into their sleeping nest. Pretty creepy, but I like it.
They are so snuggly.

Made friends with some creatures.
(Not that one.)

Preeeetttty good day for an adventure drive.

Utah, you are the master of impromptu rainstorms.
And subsequent cloud masterpieces.


  1. i can't tell.. did you die the bottom of your hair lighter? like a melt. if so, SO CUTE. if not, still SO CUTE. your hair looks cute short. and long. ugh. why? lets make homey crafts when i return. k thx bye.

    1. I did, in fact! Thanks :)
      And yes let's! Speaking of which, when do you get back?!


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