Ode to Truman: a house tour

Saturday, August 30, 2014

For the last 3 months we've been living in this charming old building called the Truman. It was built in 1911 as a single-family home and then was split up into 8 apartments, which is a huge bummer, but we're kind of glad about it. It's been so fun to live there. (Definitely could not have swung renting the whole building.) Especially after being in Nicaragua for the last week and a half--feeling really appreciative of AC and other cushy things we're so lucky to have.

It's certainly not real fancy but we loved it for its charm and old-school-ity. And its quirky paint jobs. 
(You'll see.) Some of the furniture wasn't ours, since we're subleasing and hot dang is it a pain to move furniture in and out of this place. So we just kind of went with it! Luckily they're the coolest and everything they left was great anyway.

I'm really chomping at the bit to get started on our next place, which we'll settle into tomorrow, and just go nuts with the light color scheme. And by go nuts, I mean, go completely boring and light. Of course. It will be so dreamy.

Anyway, I took pictures in several different phases of rearranging things all the time (most of these pictures were taken when we pretty much had no living room), but here you have it:

(Photo from the Truman's Facebook Page)

Such a cute balcony, no? And so useful for heaving the couches over.
It was legitimately easier to hoist the couches over the balcony than try to maneuver them up the stairwell. Was all furniture assembled Ikea-style inside the house in the early 1900's?


Dark walls are tough on a girl who was raised on a strict white-wall policy.
But then I chose black couches? So who even knows what I was doing there. Though, in the end, I'm glad we went the black leather route because it turns out am not a well-coordinated woman. 
No soda on the couch for Katie.

My wonderful friend Zoey sent us those book letters as a wedding present from her mission. What a champ. 
I think they're the coolest. 

Just relaxing real un-posed-like.
My sister Sammy gave us that happy pillow for our wedding and I love it to pieces (that's why it's in our bedroom, too). Maybe I'll just carry it around with me all the time?

I found this set of vocabulary builder books from like the 40's at DI and we had a jolly good time enriching our vocabulary. 
In New Jersey Accents.

And then we sold our couches on a whim so this poor swivel chair got pillowed and we set up this weird chair formation with the other ones two minutes before our home teachers came over.


Just kidding. The table's in our living room. But I pretend.

But while we're here, let's admire this beautiful sign Drew's cousins made/painted for the wedding reception! We had the party at a lodge way down this country road with no cell service so they made these awesome signs to lead our guests all the way down the road and this was the one at the very end. 


I  love this one original section of cabinetry that was somehow allowed to stick around. 

And that weird, almost galvanized, pockmarked, wrinkly metal counter. Obviously I tried to never let food touch it, ever, but isn't it cool?

How does metal even wrinkle like that?

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this confession before, but basically I decided to just leave out pretty place settings 24/7 so that even if all we eat is chicken nuggets for a whole week in a row, we can feel dignified in this kitchen. 


I know nobody cares one bit about my bathroom but:

Just look at that green. Someone really cheerful had a blast painting this apartment, I think. I love it.
And you can tell it's tiny because what the heck kind of photo angles are these?


Definitely my favorite place in the house. Those windows just got killer light and even though I would probably never have the guts to paint a room that brightly, it felt clean and happy and peaceful. 


Yes, there is an "other". Technically this apartment is two-bedroom, but I'm fairly confident that the other bedroom would not, in fact, fit a bed. It's connected to both the hallway and the main bedroom, and it also has the door to the back stairway down to the parking lot, so the people we were leasing from had it set up as a mudroom/changing room with the dresser and everything (sweet, right?). But I'm too much of a fusser about getting dressed in the morning so we put the dresser in our room by the closet so all of our clothes would be in the same place and just kind of put stuff in the side room. About a month before we moved out we finally stopped using it as storage and just had a desk with Drew's old computer and his keyboard and guitar. 

I guess in the end it was a "music studio" more than anything else since Drew and his band friends used it to practice before their show (more on that soon), so, welcome to our music studio!
Beautiful, right?
I somehow never managed to take a whole picture of the room, so whoops. 
And the keyboard was at the concert venue when I took this so the guitar was pretty much the only thing even in the room.
Please imagine this is epic.

What a fun first apartment this turned out to be. I'm so glad Drew and I get to grow a home together. 
I get carried away, and there were so many things I wanted to change and get for the house, but really all we need in our home is a place for the Spirit to be welcome and a happy family to grow, so that's the number one priority. It's such a good way to build a happy home. 

In terms of decorating though, I just can't wait to get started on the green house. (That's what we're calling it. We'll be growing... happiness?)

I keep all my favorite ideas for the green house here:

I like the idea of the house having a white/light neutral base, with a clean and airy and inviting feel and some black&white, navy bits, and tiny pops of sassy color.  

What do you think I should keep/change for this next adventure in nesting? What does your dream house/apartment look and feel like? I love getting my head up in the clouds about these things so I'd love to hear about your dreamiest ideas for your home base. :)


  1. okay PLEASE come help me decorate. yours is perfect. i'm being serious here.

    1. Oh my gosh are you here?! YEAH let's do projects! I want to build lamps and tables and stuff and paint things! :)


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