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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So I'm 3 months after the fact, but now that it's "someday" and we can all have a good laugh about it raining all day, here it is.
It was awesome.

*Sorry, but this one's going to be pretty endless. But this is our diary, so... #sorrywerenotsorry

We woke up to pouring rain. My mom and I went to get my hair did then picked Drew up and made our merry, slippery way to the temple. (late. whoops.)

The sealing was set for 10am, so we checked in my dress and his suit (which got lost), gathered our witnesses, and got ourselves set. It was so lovely. We didn't know the man who sealed us, but he was an emeritus member of the Quorum of the Seventy and was so sweet and gentle.

I'm getting cheesy, are you ready? Everything just melted away. I was nervous and my hair was doing weird stuff and there were people there I hadn't even met yet but literally none of that mattered because everything I've ever worried about just stopped. Like, really legitimate things to concern myself over were swirling around the whole day and all of its happenings, and it just plain didn't matter, because that promise we made mattered more than any of it.

I think often on the significance of our sealing, and I could write a very short and awkward book on it, but suffice it to say, it's pretty much changed everything. 
My sister has told me that a few months after her wedding, she told her husband that actually marriage was really nice, and he asked her, "Well, what were you expecting?" It's cute. And they're so funny.
I had a lot of fearful expectations but they really just don't matter now. I know that there are very real concerns to be considered. But even though there are always chances that things in life will go terribly wrong, the fear about those things doesn't grip me the way it did. Because the hard part is behind me now. The choice is made, and the life is new. President Monson shared, "choose your love, love your choice." We will face a lot of trials, and heaven knows we've already had some of those come at us. It's all about faith now. We have so much faith in the Lord's plan for families.

I don't feel like a new human and I don't feel like I've left myself behind. My problems didn't go away and in fact I face new ones every day but all of them are a lot more okay now because I have an ultimate cheerleader who must cheer me on forever because he promised it in the holy temple and I am just so grateful for that. 
(In all seriousness, there was no promise for cheering but we promised each other support so I consider it synonymous in most cases.)

tl;dr love this husband guy and families are for eternity.

So after our sealing I got to put on my flowy dress and fix my hair in the lovely bride's room in the temple, and went upstairs to see my new husband. And I forgot a lot of times to call him that. 
The temple workers really get a kick out of asking you for your name just to see if you remember to give your new one... I didn't, but it didn't matter because it's not much different anyway. Joke's on them.

We came out of the temple to a lovely downpour and all of our loved ones waiting with umbrellas to welcome us into our new life. I mean, is there anything better?




bride & co.                                                                                            groom & co.

My Letorts. Aren't they perfect? All the way from France, people.
Some foreshadowing for ya.


Can you say lovestruck.
We love those whomping willows.
And forehead kisses. Big fans of those, too.

Drew was so excited to be barefoot in the rain.
I'm not even being sarcastic. It's his favorite thing.
I snagged a cute one, didn't I?


This brotherly bond is a special one.


We had originally planned on an outdoor reception here, but about a week before the big day, it became pretty clear that it was super not going to happen, so we rallied the troops and came up with plan B:
We gathered all the twinkle lights and ran with it.
It ended up being just as magical (and a lot more cozy). Everything came together splendidly (no thanks to my nerves) with the help of so many friends and family.
Hobble Creek Lodge. The loveliest log cabin you ever did see.
My siblings are planning a coup where we'll take over the place and then all move in and build satellite cabins for each family. Good plan, right?

Hubbub commenced immediately. 
People signed a guest book we'd put together of our favorites from our engagement photos.
Making these CD covers (and the mixtapes inside them) was far and away my favorite wedding project. Mixtapes are our favorite.
(We each made 5 or 6 for the other before we got married.)

Let me just say that The National Parks playing at our reception was the coolest thing. We were so starstruck.
I mean, we listened to these guys on our first date--such bonding.

My wonderful sister made the cakes--the one thing we got to eat at the reception (or have shoved up our noses--Drew, looking at you here). So worth it.

My angel mother.
Our first dance was to "Hold Onto My Heart" by Graham Colton. One of our favorites from the mixtape days.
Twinkle lights and a fuel-less standing heater: everyone's dream, right? :)
My favorite French family (and lovely friend Miranda) sang one of the sweetest hymns (and one of my favorites): "Souviens-toi."

Then our loyal friends TP'd our car
And when our loved ones started pelting us hard we hightailed it outta there.

Thanks for being the best cheerleader and for the best three months of all time.


  1. Loved the slide show. The wedding day was a great time. The one thing that I think would have improved it is if we could put you and drew in the human sling shot and launch you into your car while magically driving away.

    1. Well if you get one installed by the lake in the next couple of weeks, we can up the ante and bring boats into the picture... :)


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