Thursday, July 10, 2014

Last year one of the funnest (I don't believe in the phrase "most fun") things we did together was explore the parade of homes--but we signed on a little late or something so I think we only got to go to like 3 houses.
This year we really churned through 'em, though.

I always get warned about how it'll make me hate my life and want to go out and spend a million dollars on house things. (Which is partly true.)

But the parade of homes just makes me super excited and then when I see the exact same chairs/stools that we have, in like 6 of these fancy homes, I think, YEAH WHAT'S UP plus I got those on KSL for like 75% off. So it's really awesome.

So without further ado or borderline #humblebragging,
Let us guide you on a photo journey through the Parade of Homes highlight reel:

The blue footies. Does it get more sophisticated?

 Let's start with the favorite. This house in Highland was a dream. A normal-budget house with so much light and a really clean, happy design.

And it even has a whole wall of windows off the back of the kitchen that open up to this pretty patio.

Also this pretty home office and a library on the landing.

In between houses we stopped at a camel crossing for some turkeys, it's no big deal

Another house had this really light idea for a nook off a kitchen, and our favorite theater room (you have to be choosy about these, because every house in the Parade has one).

This sweet walkway up to a really modern house that belonged this artsy couple we've decided to become

And their cute kitchen with classy open shelving

A sweet side table that makes me think of that boss monster in Monsters, Inc. but like, sleek

Yes, folks, that is David Nibley--Drew was pretty starstruck. Let's just say there are a lot of similar creeper photos on our memory card but we'll go with this gem.

Yeah welcome to our new home:

My Psychology senses were tingling

A couple of pretty corners in a light, pretty house

This house was pretty weird overall (there was a lot of fuchsia?) but we really loved these brick accent walls

And this pouf and this little office/playspace nook

Just hanging in this floating orb NBD

Drew feeling just so proud of his team

I'm sorry to admit that after I made fun of Drew for being immediately sucked into the home arcade I sat down and we raced cars for like 30 minutes.

And then we learned that sassy bathrooms are just all the rage right now. (Yes, that is a bidet. In Utah.)

Then,  the most grand of them all. This one was a doozy. In a good way?

I hold to it when I say I don't ever want a 2.5 million dollar house (noble, cause I'd totally have the means, right?), but these windows just get me. They speak the language of my heart or something.

The spiral staircase that went through all 4 floors

Just all the lighting in this house. Both windows and awesome fixtures.

Are you seeing this kitchen?! A brick backsplash is where it's at. Also, this kitchen has 4 sinks but I don't even know where to start on that. 

We love us some sloped ceilings

And when you use them for a girly sleepover loft heeeeeeey
Plus, that awesome rug

Also, the dreamiest of rooms. White bedding and brick... Can you tell I'm into brick houses?
It's the Virgina in me.

Drew was the paparazzi this time around. (Can you tell we're wearing matching shirts?)

We also liked this a lot better than the theater rooms we saw in a lot of the houses because it looked less like some creepy mansion theater and more like a living room with a giant TV that all of your friends would just come over to watch movies in all low key

One of my favorite thing we saw was that in one of the really, really extravagant houses, the first thing you see when you walk in, over the entry table thing, is a picture of the Salt Lake temple. And then in literally every room in the house, they have a picture of a temple! How sweet is that?! And this is one of those really fancy homes, mind you. We're talking 2.5 million kind of fancy. Granted, they were pretty artistically rendered pictures of the temple, but I really appreciated it all the same.

Anyway, we now have our future house planned out so please drop by anytime.

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