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Sunday, July 6, 2014

We had sort of a weird Fourth of July, which is already weird because I'm really not used to it being that big of a deal.

I mean, in D.C., my family would go watch the fireworks by the Washington Monument, I've never gone a Fourth without wearing that red white and blue (I may have counted red hair as my Official Display of Color a time or two), and I've seen a parade or two in my days.

But no one lives to party for the Fourth like Provo.

And if you've ever wondered what 4pm looks like on the 3rd of July in Provo: picture all of the spare couches, inflatable mattresses, picnic tables, camp chairs, and deemed-grass-stain-able blankets owned by all of Provo--all sitting on both sides of University Avenue, waiting for the parade in the morning. It was nuts.

But then we accidentally slept through the parade anyway, so whoops. Strike one?

The only part of the Freedom Festival we saw.
But once we got up, decided what we could don to be our most patriotic selves, and headed out, it was a pretty darn pleasant day.

We stopped by Drew's aunt's house for the festive displays.
We went to Drew's cousin's house and relaxed in the shade.
Because it was a billion degrees.
We snuggled Pippen. We corralled Pippen. 
Drew danced in the streets. 
The aftermath of the parade. Free couches everywhere. 

We went and had lunch with friends and then decided to head up to Squaw Peak to watch the fireworks with an aerial view.
It reminded me why I love Provo clouds so much. And Provo mountains. And Provo trees. And Provo sunsets.
I love Provo.

Stadium of Fire.
A pretty good finale for the day.


  1. Sweet. We do too - love Provo!! If you will be there for Pioneer Day, we will try/hope to see you there. Love you.

  2. you chopped your hair!! its so dang cute!

    1. It was the obligatory post-wedding-so-now-I-can-hack-it-off haircut, haha. Thanks :)


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