Aruba, aruba

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't worry, no one's off to the Caribbean.

(start at 2:54)
Everyone remember this song?
Drew does...

Today on the way back from church, a very long chain of song-stuck-in-the-head led to Drew singing a rendition of this song where, instead of "ashira ashira ashira" he sang "aruba aruba aruba."

It was the best. We decided it was because we just watched that episode of The Office where Andy comes back from his boat trip.
Anyway, it pretty much made my day.
(Watch the whole video though, because that song is so sweet.)

Just jamming to made up songs like a rock star.
It hit me today that we only have like a month left in this happy little first apartment of ours and got me nostalgic. I mean, I've had almost 3 months of nesting time here so it's normal to be a sap about it, right?

Let's remember all the times I got the laundry and it was just too pretty there to put it away. (Let's go with that.)
And those poor pillows that I always pick up last.

And there's these flowers that I got to match our wall clock?
Also that sweet scripture print from Jones Design Company.

The collection of nametags Drew's collected over the last year and a half at the MTC.

The time we watched the World Cup (too soon?) in the blistering heat of our living room because we centralized all the fans in one room. 

And when we took matters into our own hands with that super weird paint job on the window of the back door. With the back of a steel measuring spoon because we didn't have a metal spatula.

Oh, Truman. 

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