the drew holman fan club

Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm starting a fan club for my husband and here's why:

Yesterday when we got up and it was breakfast time we headed for the cereal and teamwork-ed it out with getting all the stuff together. 
Drew's job was to get the spoons. And he got me a little one.

Let me preface: I love little spoons--salt spoons or those tiny ice-cream sampling spoons are ideal. In a pinch, I've been known to use a child-size spoon.
Either it stems from my general inherent love of small things or else it's because I'm nostalgic about the sweet little sterling silver salt spoons my grandma used to let us eat ice cream with--but either way, I'm all about little spoons.

And when Drew went to get the spoons for breakfast he got himself a big one and remembered how much I like the little ones. 
So it's not a huge thing. But is that love, or what?! 

I know, okay, that this seems like one of those things that's only because we just got married and have googly eyes and stuff. 
Of the silly things that invariably make me happy (small spoons, fat dogs, dryer sheets) he's already got two of them down. (This morning he woke me up my waving a dryer sheet in front of my face and I've never been more happy to be up at 8am.) 
Three, if you count that he arranged for us to petsit one of the cutest fat dogs for almost a week.
So 3 for 3; I think that should be celebrated.

You may think it's still a weird reason to start a fan club. 
Don't worry, there are about 3 million more. Kindly allow me to show you the light.

A very condensed list of other reasons to join the Drew Holman fan club:

  • Is tidy
  • Has squishy cheeks sometimes
  • Likes doing dishes (esp. with good company and/or The Office)
  • Likes all the same TV shows as me 
  • Really smart
  • Knows just what to say (e.g. "No,  really, this [burnt, over-saturated] pasta still tastes really good!")
  • Mucho passion for his projects
  • Is so cute when singing
  • Speaks really good Spanish
  • Speaks really cute French
  • Communicates in strange accents for fun
  • Is super teacher
  • Is good with missionaries and other easily stressed/emotionally unstable life forms (no personal experience there)
  • Wears Peter Pan Pants when not carefully supervised
  • Enjoys home improvement projects
  • Thinks of others before self (Not an arbitrary phrase. Is actually that selfless.)
  • Brings breakfast in bed probably at least once a week (THIS IS REAL)
  • Is dedicated to being a good, faithful person and having a good relationship with God. Inspires same in wife.
  • Plays with kids, like a kid (see also: good with kids, kids like him)
  • Has ability to tan
  • Makes the bed right (notices if one of the pillows is upside down, etc. Is this a superpower?!)
  • Has good taste in colors, patterns, etc.
  • Talks in sleep. It's humorous
  • Has green eyes (useful when singing "Green Eyes" by Coldplay)
  • Has really cool dance moves
  • Is late sometimes (good for wife who is also late always)
  • Can draw like a BOSS
  • Can paint like a BOSS
  • Can play piano like a BOSS
  • Side note--Michael Scott explains the word boss:
  • Is a really good friend

  • We can all meet up sometime and talk about how great he is. 
    It'll probably need to be while he's at work or something because I'm pretty sure he's not on board with this but we can schedule it later.


    1. Sign us up! We love Drew too. And that IS a pretty amazing list for any human being.

    2. I was the first member of the Drew fan club! (but I am his mom)

      1. That's true, you have first rights!
        When we come to Georgia let's look at home movies and add 50 million things to the list. :)


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