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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of this summer that I was going to do projects, darn it!
So I have been doing projects--not as many or as cool of projects as my earlier, beginning-of-summer, naive self might have wanted, but still.
Most of my projects involve my free trial of photoshop/illustrator, so they're digital, haha, but should you perhaps need a weird conversion chart or a greeting card or two, here are the digital ones, linked so that you can download them. Most of these are fairly direct copies of things I liked--I haven't done much creative stuff yet, but figuring out how to recreate something helps me figure out what I'm doing, haha.
It helps that Drew pipes in with things like, "wow you're so cool" and lets me spend all this time playing on Adobe. What a guy.

The first one I did involved a Pinterest project where they framed a cute tea towel--it looks great, but i was more interested in the print of the towel, so I made a version. The banners were really fun to make. (If you're curious about the original print, this is what it looks like:  (click))

Download Conversion Chart

(The type is bolder than it looks in the preview. Don't know why it shows up that way.)

I did another project where I found a cute printable for a card but i didn't like the font, so I remade it in a bunch of colors. I made a little logo thing to put on the back, too, but that's embarrassing so I took it off of these, haha.

Download the pdf:

yellow | green | red | blue | purple

For my sister's birthday I made this with a favorite family scripture of theirs (and used some of the banners I made for the conversion chart). I made it in two colors for fun:

beige | blue

We decided for our wedding thank-you's to send out postcards, so I made them. It was fun. 

And then a few months ago I downloaded a desktop organizer wallpaper thing for my laptop, but the categories were pretty irrelevant (as if I do work, come on) so I made a few really simple ones--here's my favorite one.

with labels | blank labels

I also have a few more of these that I've made, you're welcome to check them out here. They're a little bit lame. 

I have a bunch of other (hopefully better and more exciting) things in the works, so I'll update on those, too. Let me know if you like/use any of them, it would make my heart soar on eagles' wings! 

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  1. These all look so good! I'm going to use the measurements chart. And I'll always love the "brighter" quote - thanks again.


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