provo, how we love thee

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lately we've taken to going on strolls like cheesy BYU people tend to do (but I still swear we're not cliche) within, say, the four-block radius of our apartment. It's a really great excuse for me to keep doing that thing where I hover creepily behind Drew and take pictures of the back of his head. He loves that so much (nope).
After we got married and we jet-setted right off to an island, we realized that we both really wanted to just get a move on already and set up our house and go grocery shopping like real people and revel in the delight of Happy Valley. I mean St. Lucia was the bomb but there's a lot to be said for right where you live.
Some days we wake up and I spend like ten minutes directing Drew to look at a bunch of different points on the mountains because HELLO have you seen how beautiful they are today I mean check out the rockies.
It's like Andy so cheesily says: "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them." So right now I'm on a big "love where you are" kick where basically I just tell Drew to look at stuff that's pretty and he humors me so well.

Home, sweet home.

The secret garden.
(Provo community garden)

Ye olde Brigham Young Academy.
Now the Provo City Library.

All tuckered out from a long half hour of leisurely strolling.

We have also instituted FPE: Family Park Evening.
It's like Family Home Evening, but where you pack up the quesadillas in a cooler and take them to a park instead.
We've only done it once and maybe because of the bugs we will not do it again a lot of times, but it was great.
Maybe we're just reveling in how fun it is to be a family, and to take a cooler places and swat away bugs and let Drew pretend he's on the cover of Vogue (because you never know where their scouts hang out on a Monday night). And especially to have no classes for a sweet short while. Ah, summer.
And ah, Provo.

Such green. Very park. Wow.

Step 1: unpack cooler.

Step 2: commandeer the camera
Alternate step 2: eat all the cookies by yourself

Step 3: dramatic photo shoot

Step 4: escape, panicked, from bugs

Step 5 (optional): go on a bonus walk after working on a little craft project and forget that you still have the spray paint.
Walk by a nearby park barefoot and feel really accidentally threatening.


  1. Have I mentioned I love the way you write? And you take great pictures too. And you're both so great. Love you!

  2. I like the blog. Especially the pics. Keep it up.


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