If the world were a zoo

Friday, June 27, 2014

"If the world were zoo, I'd spend my whole life looking at you."
THIS IS A REAL THING. That Drew said. Why am I not keeping a log of Drew-isms?
I don't know where these witty, borderline-creepy love statements come from but they crack me up.
I have two months of them.

Also this post is a zoo of pictures and odd updates so if that's not motivation to keep posts regular, I don't know what is. Sorry!

The last two weeks (/two months) have been weirdly busy, but not with normal things, just things like rearranging our apartment all the time and working shifts that don't match up that well and spending a lot of time at Sonic for those slushes. And finally getting all our random stuff out of that weird windowless side room in the apartment so we can not stub our toes or knock something over every single time we go out the back door. Little victory.

For one thing, we just got our Passes of all Passes (Pass of all Passeses?) so we are set to head out with the mouth-breathers to Waterslide Wonderland. (There is nary a day where the Lizzie McGuire Movie does not apply in some way.)

In all of our glory.

Also, we jogged together! I think it's happened once before. But my sissy lungs and motivator-valve (it's in the brain--trust me, I'm a Psych major) were just not made for running.
I actually kind of like running, for a little while, but once the panting and wheezing kick in and I start sounding like some sort of sick hippo, it gets way out of my comfort zone and I begin to feel really okay with slumping onto the sidewalk.


Anyway, we decided that the couple that runs together stays together, so I'm in this for us, I guess. haha.
So far, so good! (2 MONTHS YESTERDAY wheeeeeeeeee)
Our route was just to the green house and back. Because when we're in the car with a few minutes to spare or want to go on a walk, or in this case a jog, 75% of the time we end up at the green house--it's where we'll be moving in August (Drew's cousin/aunt hooked us up and we owe them forever) and we are so in love with it. Let's just say it has a washer/dryer that are from this century so that's a biiiig plus.

Okay but our favorite things from this month have been the Parade of Homes and being Y group leaders.
More on the Parade of Homes soon--we have a billion pictures to sort through. But it's the bomb.

Being Y group leaders was such a blast. Every summer and fall, BYU has New Student Orientation for all the freshmen coming in and they get a bunch of volunteer uperclassmen to show them around and introduce them to BYU culture, etc. I really wanted to do it last year, but the timing didn't pan out, so this year I dragged Drew into doing it with me. We realized too late that actually it was probably not our best idea because we both sort of dislike large groups of peppy 18-year-olds in general and I really don't like Ultimate Frisbee, but it ended up being so much fun.
The two highlights:

There was a girl in our group who had torn something in her knee so she was on crutches, and on the day of the campus tour she was having trouble getting around so the peer mentor in our group arranged for her to get a wheelchair from the school and one of the boys in our group volunteered to push her around. Is that not the sweetest thing?

And there was free cotton candy. Need I say more?

They were all so nice to each other and were like these lost little puppies that we got to lead around campus. My mothering instinct kicked in hardcore, I was like an official tour guide with those little ducklings. It was awesome.

My big time-consumer these days is house projects. It is so fun to have our own apartment--I get so excited about rearranging everything every day and spray-painting frames and things and finding good stuff for super cheap on KSL.
Here are a few of my favorite projects/updates:
Putting flowers everywhere. Everywhere.
Working with gray walls to make things light.
i.e. spray painting a billion things white.
A fake deer head, and one of the road signs our cousin painted for the reception.
And putting up the happiest things.
My grandma's blueberry dishes, my breton bowl, and my two favorite pillows.

Drew gets in on it, too. The important decisions go through him first.

Testing out a pouf.

We got to party with April & co. for Father's Day. It is such a blessing to have family nearby. Drew has a million family in Provo, too.
And just to prove that family can be friends, check out this pair. Is this not the cutest friendship.

They look at ants together. 

With other family, things are a little less civil.
This is Drew on the roof being pelted with Nerfs.
My husband, Drew the Lamanite.
Drew's really getting kid points these days actually, because even after the whole Nerf debacle, this last Sunday was to be our first one teaching our new primary class, and I was sick so Drew nobly tackled that solo.

Such courage.

I received a hand-drawn image of an upside-down-face as a memento but it was sadly destroyed by a Diet Coke incident before I could get a picture. It was magnificent, though.

Annnnnd, just to give you a really lame cliffhanger, here's a picture of my next project to conquer. Can you guess it? :)


  1. katie katie katie. PLEASE when we move back to provo can i do cute crafty things with you? i want a deer head. and yours is precious. teach me. miss you.

    1. Good golly YES please. Can't wait for you guys to come back!

  2. haha! Motivator-valve. Um, are you getting a pet turtle and painting his shell?

    1. A pet one! Should have thought of that. Besides the living animal part, spot on.


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