Zion National Park

Sunday, June 29, 2014

This weekend we got to head down to Zion National Park with some friends for camping and a day jam-packed with hiking adventure. I've never really been to red rocks before, so it was pretty huge for me.

friday night, we camped out at this really perfect spot outside of Zion and then in the morning, got a move on and went right for Angels' Landing, came back for some shade and a lunch break, then went out to explore the Narrows.

Da bomb.

If the world were a zoo

Friday, June 27, 2014

"If the world were zoo, I'd spend my whole life looking at you."
THIS IS A REAL THING. That Drew said. Why am I not keeping a log of Drew-isms?
I don't know where these witty, borderline-creepy love statements come from but they crack me up.
I have two months of them.

Also this post is a zoo of pictures and odd updates so if that's not motivation to keep posts regular, I don't know what is. Sorry!

The last two weeks (/two months) have been weirdly busy, but not with normal things, just things like rearranging our apartment all the time and working shifts that don't match up that well and spending a lot of time at Sonic for those slushes. And finally getting all our random stuff out of that weird windowless side room in the apartment so we can not stub our toes or knock something over every single time we go out the back door. Little victory.

For one thing, we just got our Passes of all Passes (Pass of all Passeses?) so we are set to head out with the mouth-breathers to Waterslide Wonderland. (There is nary a day where the Lizzie McGuire Movie does not apply in some way.)

In all of our glory.

Also, we jogged together! I think it's happened once before. But my sissy lungs and motivator-valve (it's in the brain--trust me, I'm a Psych major) were just not made for running.
I actually kind of like running, for a little while, but once the panting and wheezing kick in and I start sounding like some sort of sick hippo, it gets way out of my comfort zone and I begin to feel really okay with slumping onto the sidewalk.


self-imposed summer homework

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of this summer that I was going to do projects, darn it!
So I have been doing projects--not as many or as cool of projects as my earlier, beginning-of-summer, naive self might have wanted, but still.
Most of my projects involve my free trial of photoshop/illustrator, so they're digital, haha, but should you perhaps need a weird conversion chart or a greeting card or two, here are the digital ones, linked so that you can download them. Most of these are fairly direct copies of things I liked--I haven't done much creative stuff yet, but figuring out how to recreate something helps me figure out what I'm doing, haha.
It helps that Drew pipes in with things like, "wow you're so cool" and lets me spend all this time playing on Adobe. What a guy.

The first one I did involved a Pinterest project where they framed a cute tea towel--it looks great, but i was more interested in the print of the towel, so I made a version. The banners were really fun to make. (If you're curious about the original print, this is what it looks like:  (click))

the drew holman fan club

Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm starting a fan club for my husband and here's why:

a little game of jeopardy

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jeopardy question:
A dirt-like substance disguised as drink mix and given to chumps like Katie. 

Jeopardy answer:
That's right!
*yeeeeaaaaahhhh the crowd goes wild*

Only one of these people is reacting appropriately.

provo, how we love thee

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lately we've taken to going on strolls like cheesy BYU people tend to do (but I still swear we're not cliche) within, say, the four-block radius of our apartment. It's a really great excuse for me to keep doing that thing where I hover creepily behind Drew and take pictures of the back of his head. He loves that so much (nope).
After we got married and we jet-setted right off to an island, we realized that we both really wanted to just get a move on already and set up our house and go grocery shopping like real people and revel in the delight of Happy Valley. I mean St. Lucia was the bomb but there's a lot to be said for right where you live.
Some days we wake up and I spend like ten minutes directing Drew to look at a bunch of different points on the mountains because HELLO have you seen how beautiful they are today I mean check out the rockies.
It's like Andy so cheesily says: "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them." So right now I'm on a big "love where you are" kick where basically I just tell Drew to look at stuff that's pretty and he humors me so well.

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