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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A few weeks before our wedding, it snowed. And then it rained. And then it kept raining and so we realized, "hey let's take pictures in case our wedding day is also rainy!"
Which it 100% was. And it was glorious.

But a week before, Drew and I and our best pal Ben-ji went on a photographic adventure--we literally just drove south until it was un-cloudy enough and then we took our bridals! And stopped at Wendy's on the way for nourishment, of course.
We ended up at what I'm pretty sure is called Yuba Reservoir--a teal blue lake and desert shrubbery with just the right kind of clouds made for just about the prettiest Utah scene I've ever seen.
Ben, you are the bomb.
Also Drew. 

All photos by Ben Allred Photography

He got to peek at the dress. We are such rebels.

We acclimated to our new outfits pretty quickly.

This guy.

What's a lake trip without skipping rocks?
(I clearly do not have the technique.)
Love you forever, Drew.

the dress was designed and made by Nancy Barrus at Avenia Bridal in Orem;
flowers by Bloom Floral Studio in Provo,
the sparkly sash and the veil (made from my grandmother's) were both hand-made by the lovely Sadie Meyer,
and Drew's suit is from H&M (we cheated).


  1. I love all these pictures so much!

  2. Gorgeous. Makes my heart sing. Drew, you are hereby bequeathed the privilege of helping Katie feel good about skipping rocks.


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