we hiked the Y

Friday, May 30, 2014

Drew's sister Jayde came to party with us over Memorial Day weekend.
There were a lot of Office quotes flying around. It was the bomb.
We made mint lemonade popsicles with my new and already dying mint plant, went on a few hikes (well, one hike--a few "hikes") and played with our favorite borrowed dog. 
(We were petsitting the honorable and squishy Pippen for our cousins over the weekend, and I have never felt more like we're a family than with that fat dog and my sweet husband. 
I mean, is this what family is? I'm all over it. )

We also got a visit from a friend of mine from high school who made a blitz stop in Utah on his way back from a fancy Microsoft convention, so we all hiked the Y on the prettiest night for hiking the Y.

Probably the two biggest mountain acrobatics enthusiasts I know.

st. lucia à la american

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One of our favorite things about being places that are not our places is that everything is funny. 
For instance: in France, they do this thing where they sell tons of American stuff, but they change the product name--to something else in English. Why do they even do that?

So, in St. Lucia, we tried to keep track of the things that were new to us as Americans and put them all into a single list that makes me laugh so hard every single time.

So voilà--St. Lucia through the eyes of American youths:

st. lucia - rodney bay

So after four days on the southern half of the island, in the Soufrière area, we headed up north to Rodney Bay, near Castries (the capital) to enjoy all that the North had to offer, like a church building, jellyfish-free beaches, and aloe vera.

st. lucia - soufrière

 Well, first, Park City.

We had to wait around for a few days before flying out to St. Lucia (because being stuck in Park City is the worst, right?). We reveled in being the only ones at the little boutique hotel, and ate breakfast like the King and Queen of Sheba.
Then we went to City Creek to east sushi and shop for shorts and flip flops like real vacationers do.

we took pictures

A few weeks before our wedding, it snowed. And then it rained. And then it kept raining and so we realized, "hey let's take pictures in case our wedding day is also rainy!"
Which it 100% was. And it was glorious.

But a week before, Drew and I and our best pal Ben-ji went on a photographic adventure--we literally just drove south until it was un-cloudy enough and then we took our bridals! And stopped at Wendy's on the way for nourishment, of course.
We ended up at what I'm pretty sure is called Yuba Reservoir--a teal blue lake and desert shrubbery with just the right kind of clouds made for just about the prettiest Utah scene I've ever seen.
Ben, you are the bomb.
Also Drew. 

All photos by Ben Allred Photography

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